Dear Folks, This is Michael John Moreau and my email is regarding the Multi Glandular formula I purchased from NHCAA a week ago, (Heritage Glandular). I noticed within the second to third day a rather subtle shift in my body awareness that resonated within me as a complete sense of strength about my entire body. It was as if I were being supported on every level as a firm foundation of sorts. I became aware of clearer thinking, focused attention to detail about many aspects of my life, a profound sense of “stature” and “strength” within my body (which had me standing more erect and with a sense of self-worth and dignity).

My gate and stepping became more assured with purpose, my presence of personality within conversations was pronounced when necessary and when not. A sense of sureness and confidence exuded my persona wherever I went and the congruent actions I expressed throughout the day was a wonder to experience.

A more clear mindset for focusing on any task I partook of, and the attention to detail for numerous tasks – be-it physical or mental resounded within my mind and body throughout the day and evening.

This is a rather new experience for me and is refreshing to be reminded of after all these years….the last time I recall feeling this way would be when I used to ride my bicycle at about age 10 and learned to ride “no hands”. A sense of wonder and amazement at the world before me.

It is amazing what the real deal (supportive glandulars) can do for you and at the young age of 69+. I am ever grateful that a certain doctor of chiropractic likes to find and read “old books.” These are the ones we can all benefit from thanks to his reading such material. Many thanks for unearthing the precious work of brilliant researchers that care for humanity.

Sincerely yours,

Michael John Moreau

Micro Dimensional Nutritionist

I have been using the supplement for a month and a half now. I love it, I feel the effects mostly in my mental health. I’m not so tired and easily aggravated. I’m sleeping great. I take this in addition to dessicated thyroid.


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