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Dr. DARREN SCHMIDT, D.C. and John Green

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Dr. Schmidt’s Professional Highlights

  • Dr. Schmidt has one of the top 1% private nutrition clinics in the country.
  • Tens of thousands of successful patients since 1997.
  • Sought after by other healers, doctors, and supplement companies for help and training.
  • Has trained 4,500 doctors all over the U.S. on clinical nutrition.

Dr. Schmidt reads new and old medical and nutrition research. From 1911 to 1945, the most significant discoveries in healthcare were made with feeding studies. One doctor, in particular, stood out: Dr. Henry Harrower, M.D., the father of endocrinology (which is the study of glands and hormones). He increased the health of his patients by feeding them animal glands. This is called Organotherapy and it’s the foundation of endocrinology.

In 1940, Dr. Harrower sold his company to a pharmaceutical company called Lambert which was purchased by Warner and later sold to Pfizer. The pharmaceutical companies were now busy making synthetic hormones, a far cry from the origins of their profession which is to feed and correct the human physiology.

Knowing this, Dr. Schmidt searched for Dr. Harrower’s original supplement formulas for over a year. He reached out to one of Dr. Harrower’s descendants to no avail. Discouraged, he kept searching because he felt Dr. Harrower’s work is too valuable not to be available to the public.

Continuing to purchase old medical and nutrition textbooks to study, Dr. Schmidt compiled a wish list for himself on Amazon. He sent this list to his fiancé and requested that she use it for Christmas gifts ideas. One of the books she bought turned out to be a list of all his products including ingredients, dosages, and indications!

Dr. Schmidt shared this information with John and Heritage Glandulars was born!

These formulas pre-date all supplement companies, even Dr. Schmidt’s favorite and most used supplements in his clinic.

Heritage Glandular’s core mission is to recreate Harrower’s products and other glandular supplements inspired by his teachings for the benefit of your health.

John Green

John and Dr. Schmidt were delivering a nutrition seminar to doctors in Baltimore. John grew up eating crabs at his grandmother’s house in Baltimore and is excited to chow down on a big plate of crabs like he did as a kid. Dr. Schmidt, being from the Midwest ordered a steak and only two crabs. The date was July 9, 2011. Suddenly, John said “something’s not right!” and throws down the crab he’s eating. He starts sweating profusely. He wipes his hands and face and says, “Let’s get out of here”. He thinks he’s having a panic attack or maybe a heart attack. We pay as quickly as we can.

A few months earlier, John had been having trouble walking up steps or from gate to gate at an airport due to running out of breath. He was also having chest pain daily. His father died of a heart attack age at age 52 and later, his brother who is one year older would have two heart attacks.

We leave the restaurant and walk down the sidewalk. John is talking about his symptoms so Dr. Schmidt stops him and tests his heart using a biofeedback technique and recommends specific nutrition. John starts the next day at the nutrition seminar. Within 48 hours John feels his heartbeat is less intense and by 6 weeks could not feel it at all.

Two years later, John completes his first triathlon and did well. And since then has become an avid triathlete consistently finishing in the top 20% in his age division. In 2017, he completes his first Ironman Triathalon which is a 2.5-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26 mile run finishing under 14 hours which is really good for a guy who was suffering heart attack symptoms only 6 years earlier.


Dr. Darren Schmidt

John Green

Glandular Benefits

Quality Assurance

All raw ingredients are tested for purity and efficacy under all compliance and regulatory industry standards.

Premium Ingredients

Highest quality raw materials, sourced from the most pristine natural environments on the planet. All ingredients are from Grass-fed livestock, non-GMO, free of antibiotics and steroids, and free-range.

Highest Standards

Technologically advanced research and production facility to manufacture the bottling and capsulation process of its product’s raw materials.

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Our line of supplements universally integrates with a number of popular health improving practices including ketosis, fasting, enhanced oxygen therapies, other supplements, stem cells, anti-aging, performance nutrition, and detoxification.

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