How Glandulars Work to Your Advantage

About Glandulars

Why Glandulars?

We are trying to mimic what our ancestors ate. They ate the whole hunt, including all the glands but they didn’t eat glands every day of their lives. The glands in this supplement help your organs regenerate and strengthen themselves.

The main reason for anyone to take this supplement is because organ meats have been removed from our food supply. In the 1960’s, any grocery store sold tongue, brain (whole or as headcheese), liver, sweetbreads (thymus and pancreas), offal (the parts that “fall off” the butcher’s block), etc. It’s hard to get these organs and they may be unappetizing in our culture now but it’s easy to take them in a supplement form.

Healthy, active people already take a multi-vitamin, a multi-mineral, or a multi-enzyme. Add this product to your healthy protocol to incorporate another intelligent habit.

For someone who unfortunately has health challenges, glandulars provide nutrients not found in plants and they don’t create any negative reaction that could occur from taking plant material. Some people react negatively to some plants due to chemical defenses used by the plant to prevent them from being eaten. Glandulars are also highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals, especially the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

While you accomplish other healthy tasks such as detoxing chemicals from your body, removing mold, etc., this supplement can support your organs. Think of glandulars as a back-up for your organs while you handle causes of poor health.

Glandular supplements are good for people who can’t digest high fat or high protein animal foods well or are adverse to the taste. They are great for any kind of diet including the keto diet, paleo, Whole30, low-carb, and carnivore diet!

For maintenance of good health, take one bottle for one month at 1-4 pills per day, depending on your body size. [see more info on how to take] Take 2 months off, then on again for another month, repeat.

For more focused healing, finish one bottle per month for 3 months in a row. Take at least a one month break before starting again.

What Do Glandulars Do?

Discovering the value of consuming glands was the objective of most nutrition and medical research from 1880 to 1920. The progress of research went like this…

Surgically inserting a thyroid gland from sheep under the skin of a hypothyroid woman improved her health greatly.

Consuming a thyroid gland also showed health improvement.

Burning a thyroid gland and consuming the ash STILL provided health improvement despite the proteins, fats, and vitamins being destroyed. What was providing the benefit?

Analyzing the ash, it was discovered that the mineral content was merely 0.5% of the total content of the original gland. Thus, it was ignored by the majority of researchers.

A minority of researchers continued researching the minerals and discovered DNA.

Conclusion: the value of consuming glands is to acquire the DNA which helps repair that organ in the body. There are other valuable nutrients in glands, too.

If you are deficient in DNA, then your body cannot reproduce or grow cells.


Glandular Benefits

Quality Assurance

All raw ingredients are tested for purity and efficacy under all compliance and regulatory industry standards.

Premium Ingredients

Highest quality raw materials, sourced from the most pristine natural environments on the planet. All ingredients are from Grass-fed livestock, non-GMO, free of antibiotics and steroids, and free-range.

Highest Standards

Technologically advanced research and production facility to manufacture the bottling and capsulation process of its product’s raw materials.

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