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About YOU

Why Glandulars?

Why should you consider Heritage Glandulars?

Are you interested in overall wellness and lifestyle?

Are you interested in improving your health?

Are you interested in increasing your physical activity or endurance?

Wellness, Longevity, and Performance is our passion at HG. Or more so, it is our lifestyle and our business and it is what we think about. We are passionate about improving the awareness and health of everyone and that includes you.

We want everyone to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and living the day to day life that you want. Happy, healthy, active, with an ever-improving quality of life.

So we hope you join us on this journey.

We would love to hear from you!

All my best,

Dr. Darren Schmidt and John Green

Glandular Benefits

Quality Assurance

All raw ingredients are tested for purity and efficacy under all compliance and regulatory industry standards.

Premium Ingredients

Highest quality raw materials, sourced from the most pristine natural environments on the planet. All ingredients are from Grass-fed livestock, non-GMO, free of antibiotics and steroids, and free-range.

Highest Standards

Technologically advanced research and production facility to manufacture the bottling and capsulation process of its product’s raw materials.

Take the next step for your health!

Our line of supplements universally integrates with a number of popular health improving practices including ketosis, fasting, enhanced oxygen therapies, other supplements, stem cells, anti-aging, performance nutrition, and detoxification.

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